Friday, 17 April 2009

Strip Club and Boob Job

Not long after i had recieved my hard fucking i realised that i needed to feel it again.

I figured if i wanted this to happen that i had better have a figure that men would find appealing and i decided to ge this i had better have a set of Boobs and that they would have to be implants as the hormones i had been taking to get some had done some good but i was impatient and wanted boobs sooner rather than later.

Now the job that i was doing at the time did pay well but not brilliantly as after basic living expences and bills there was never going to be enough to get me a boob job so i was going to need to get a second job.

After an unsuccessful series of interviews i had found in the paper i was walking down a street and noticed that a strip club were advertising for waitresses, i found some courage and went in and asked to speak with the manager (who also turned out to be the owner) i was lead to the back office where i was met by a black haired woman in her early 30's.

I explained to her thaat i was there about the advertised waitresses job this lead to a confused look from her and her asking why a man would want to work in a strip club as a waitress i explained to her that i was a sissy who was looking to make some extra cash so as to get breast implants.

After a minute or two of decideing she finally told me that i had a job she then took me on a tour of the building and explained how everything happened then she introduced me to all the strippers in there and told them about how i was doing this to develpo my self as a sissy and that it was for implants they seemed ok with it as lng as i dint try anything with them i prommised that i wouldn't the manger jane told me to come back at 7 to be ready to start at 8 so i went home and freshened up and got myself ready to start my new job as it was my first day and i dint want the dancers to feel i was there to steal their make-up i did mine at home and made sure i was wearing my sexiest lingerie so that i would feel as girlie as i could i covered my self in a plain skirt and top then i left at 6:30 so that i could get there on time (its only a 15 minute drive but i wanted to show willingness) i was let in via the back entrance that the dancers go through when they need a smoke break i went to the managers office as instructed in the first meeting i was thanked for being early and was taken to the dresing room as thats where my uniform was (a nice little maids outfit) so i changed and recieved some compliments from the staff about my choice of underwear and finaly i attached my name tag Reading * SISSY Jasmin* and i got ready to go open the doors to let people in.

The first couple of hours were non eventfull just collecting beer glasses from tables and taking fresh glasses to other tables simple work but hey it was getting me money right.

Anyway about two hours in the lass behind the bar informed me that at times customers will ask for a blowjob and that every once in a while i would be expected to give one to some customers as it boosts the popularity of the club well i saw that as an oppertunity to refine my skills so at certain points i would dissapear under tables and not appear for some times 20 minutes it made me some good tips and after only a few months there i got my implants.

When i asked for some time off to recover from the surgery Jane began to tell me goodbye untill i informed her that i would be coming back once i had healed.

I was true to my word once i had healed i returned and did more than serve and collect drinks I was given a slot in the schedule for me to flaunt my sissy self it went well i made men norny and then i sucked them off it all went well untill the club started loosing money and eventually shut down.

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